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November 6 2016 1 06 /11 /November /2016 16:55


In the American Indian spiritual tradition, each person has a totem animal. A totem animal is a guide or guardian that helps you move through life, with all of its challenges and joys. Much like a guardian angel. In my own visioning, I have been shown guardian angels and totem animals are one in the same...per the understanding and belief systems of the person they are helping. You can have more than one. Some totem animals are with you throughout your lifetime and some come for a shorter period of time, to help you with a particular situation. So here is something to consider...if the owl is your totem animal and overall, female owls tend to be slightly larger than males...as measured by wing span, body mass and a few other traits...then what does that mean for you -- on your earthly journey? How has that 'played out' in your life...or has it?

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October 11 2016 3 11 /10 /October /2016 01:15
Walking the Edge
Walking the Edge

Our lives have not only ups and downs; but edges. Times when we find ourselves standing on narrow or misshapen platforms. Times when it seems our feet and our bodies are dangling precariously over our fears, situations we don't think we can handle, or our relationships. Coming into harmony with ourselves is the first and essential step. We cannot stand steady and balanced when shaking with fear. At first, we may hold the hand of another, but eventually - each organ, each limb, our hearts, brains and spirits must resonate as one...calm, even, together. Then, we can stand firm, no matter what the platform.

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April 5 2016 3 05 /04 /April /2016 22:19
Why do a Body Scan While Learning Mindfulness?

Plain and simple:

You learn

  • how to relax your entire body
  • how to recognize when a muscle is tense and when it is relaxed
  • how to relax your body when YOU chose to
  • when in difficult or demanding situations, to relax all of your body that does not need to be activated at that time (how many times is your face held tight when working...it doesn't need to be tight...You save energy.
  • how to 'read' your body's intuition:
    • ​This situation is dangerous
    • I'm getting angry (you know before you even feel the emotion!)
    • He is filled with love.
  • to maintain physical (and emotional) calmness when threatened - activating only those parts of your body (muscles, tendons, blood flow, digestion...) that are needed to honestly respond to the threat. Not all 'threats' are real, an insult is not necessarily a physical threat, so why respond physically?
  • to maintain physical (and emotional calmness) in challenging situations, so you can diffuse the situation, yet be ready to physically act if need be.

It is magic. You are in control of your body. Your body informs you and keeps you situationally aware, inside and out. You have power and you have control over that power. No one can 'make' you react, only you have that ability.

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July 21 2015 3 21 /07 /July /2015 01:22
a gentle step into the mystical with a guidance for all

a gentle step into the mystical with a guidance for all

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July 18 2015 7 18 /07 /July /2015 19:27

That pressure on your cheek when you wake up? It depends on how you choose lie when you sleep.

That pressure in your life when you become aware? It depends on how you choose to live when you are awake.

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July 1 2015 4 01 /07 /July /2015 01:49

I can recite gratuities with ease.

Thanks for...

I am grateful for...

I like...

I'm happy to have...

I have...so much more than I can even keep track of...

I say these phrases of gratitude and remind myself of all that i have...

I belong to a 'gratitude group' online

Yet, the times when my heart rejoices are the unexpected times that almost seem to fall upon me unbidden, without reminders and without my recalling all I have to be grateful for....

Sometimes, I'm reluctant to speak and I don't want to talk about gratitude...

I just want to let myself feel it as it occurs.

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March 30 2015 2 30 /03 /March /2015 01:12

There are days, weeks, months, and even years that go by...when we suddenly realize we've been gliding and sliding, not noticing our own life. We don't notice because we are 'making it'.

We are responding to questions, seeming to 'walk-the-walk', but when we try to answer a question about what matters most to us or what joy is present, we falter. We realize we do not feel the highlights of life as we once did. Perhaps we also no longer feel the pain. A loved one is ill or we are ill ourselves and all we notice is a dullness, numb of body and mind.

To begin the wakening process, tune in to the physical sensations of smell, touch, taste, sight. Stand outside and breathe in whatever smells are there, smell food cooking with all its' nuances. Touch your child's skin as if you've never felt it before. Touch several fabrics, allowing your fingertips to run over their surfaces, bringing the message of their textures to your brain. Feel the earth beneath your feet and the earth's breath upon your skin. Let your eyes alight on colors, noticing what 'pops-out' to you, and which colors intermingle into a glorious painting. Feel your body's movement through space, perhaps concentrating on the movement of your hips as you walk, sit, sway, dance.

Pick one...one at a time and place yourself there. As you begin to notice through your senses, the noticing will enhance, until your own life comes more clearly into view in crisp, multi-dimensions...

...and you smile

...you experience

....you laugh.

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March 23 2015 2 23 /03 /March /2015 00:45


A message from our body, telling us we need rest or sleep, to ‘vegetate’ or sit quietly, to decompose and recompose


Spoken by the body in terms of energy (or lack thereof), aching muscles, head pain, neck pain, or the lack of willingness to simply stand


Can be the result of, contribute to, or be mistaken for -- ‘depression’


Can be sloth


Can be delicious if you let yourself relish and languish in it


Can be horrible when you fight against it, chastise yourself for it, or are blamed in it


Cannot be forced to not exist

Cannot be squelched by will alone

Cannot be erased by ‘faking it’

Fatigue just is


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March 8 2015 1 08 /03 /March /2015 23:02
Sharing Emotions

Sharing Emotions

How can I tell you how I feel?

How can you hear me with only your ears?

Shall I put it in writing?

Would offering my love to eyes and ears double the intensity of the love I transmit?

It would not be enough.

How can I communicate my innermost thoughts?

Can you hear me when I use all the senses at my disposal?

Shall I show you with my action and deeds?

Would combining vision, sound, and touch; helping, giving and sharing tell you my story?

They could not begin to express the depth of my feelings.

Shall I write a novel, paint a picture, build a bridge?

Stand on my head, say a prayer, dance a jig?

They’re all too small, too lean, too diminutive.

I don’t think there is anything I could do or say to fully convey

How I feel about you.

Please see it in my eyes, hear it in my voice

when I look at you and when I speak

and when I do not look at you and there is only silence...

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February 26 2015 5 26 /02 /February /2015 00:17

I feel the cold first on the bottom of my bare feet as they tread the oak floors of this old house.

Then the tips of my fingers grow cold, and the iciness advances to the sides of the fingers, the tip of my nose, and the top of my head.

The cold air touches my face several feet before I reach the paned glass that separates me from the blowing chill of the wind outside.

I wonder if the cold can travel up from the soles of my feet, up from the edges of my fingers, in from the tip of my nose and down from the top of my head, creeping slowly toward my heart? Can the cold invade me, slinking and skulking into the core of my being and overtake my heat? Freezing, encapsulating, compressing?

And I wonder, if I press my face and body against the window pane that barely separates me from the life-weather of aching pain and suffering that swirls in the icy gusts, will those same squalls encroach on and encircle the beating heart within?

Or will the fires that burn in my heart be sufficient to melt the icy breath that slides within my veins, my capillaries, my flesh?

Who stokes those fires and feeds those embers and who opens the space for the oxygen flow, permitting the blaze to live?

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